How to make maximum use of lands in Kenya

11Land is regarded as one of the most precious natural resources in Kenya that makes it among the most sought after commodities by people from all walks of life both in the nation and not to mention people from foreign countries. Most investors particularly prefer lands in Kenya for their diversity and adaptability to fit the various categories of investment. These include agriculture, commercial investment, rental units, hostel facilities, villas and holiday resorts.

With lands in Kenya, a financier can’t ever make a mistake and one is sure of receiving a return on his investment in a limited time span. Land also happens to be a tangible asset whose value is always appreciating, meaning that if you acquire a portion of plot today, then in the next three or four years, its value will probably even double, going by the current trends in Kenya.

By being an investor, you can surely utilize lands in Kenya by any of these forms of investment listed below;

Commercial investment- Many buy land to build commercial structures which often have excellent returns. Although it requires a lot of money to see this kind of project through, the possibility to generate considerably more money makes it worth the hustle and risk. The moment the buildings have been erected, one can either trade them right away for a big sum or rent all of them out for a monthly pay check.

Building a home- Many people buy land having the purpose of building their dream home on it. This is especially ideal for the high end constituents of the society with enough money to construct a house of their dreams. Aside from the personal benefits of putting up a house for purposes of staying in it, the value of that very land is sure to go up in value with a nice home built there.

Land itself is a perfect investment- The most important intention people put money into land for sale in Kenya is purely for investment. Land, being an appreciating asset entails that the property value would go up as time goes by. People who have a long-lasting plan could potentially make cash by buying land, waiting for the value to go up then reselling it for a higher profit.

Agricultural purposes- Most lands in Kenya are incredibly fertile and support farming activities such as crop growing and cattle keeping. An individual can buy land for either subsistence farming and also for large scale farming of crops like maize, tomatoes, cassava, vegetables and many others. One can also engage in widespread production of timber and sugarcane. An investor can’t just fail with farming in Kenya since agriculture is the primary source of food and livelihood in Kenya.

Conservation- Some environment conscious people buy land for the sole reason of conservation purposes. This is usually performed by buying large tracts of land and thereafter fencing it and maybe plant trees in the said land. This reason for buying land provides more moral than financial gain, though monetary gain may often be accomplished.

Land is a tangible asset- Investing in lands in Kenya is among the safer categories of investment in that it is extremely stable, with the fluctuating economic standing.


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