Student hostels in Kisumu: Why Hostels are a tremendous places to stay

Anyone beginning a college or a university will have a decision to make of places to stay. Many students rush for university hostels although some prefer privately managed hostels outside the university or college compound. Several students who are privileged to learn near their homes return home after studies daily.
As a student or parent eagerly seeking for a student hostel, you need to get to know what hostels should offer. Generally, student hostels are good places for students to outlive because of fairly good amenities offered, cheap accommodation, good foods and a generally great environment in order to accommodate yourself studying. As for one attempting to find accommodation, you need to know what expecting in a student hostel.

Good student hostels or generally hostels and get a private stay should offer the following benefits;

1) They are less costly hotels. If you were to stay in a hostel, you will pay a few hundreds of shillings per night compared to a basic lodging. For example, a basic standard hotel room can cost you roughly Kenya shilling five thousand a night. A hostel will charge you less than Kenya shilling one thousand particularly for one night stay.

2) Many hostels have free access to the kitchen and laundry. For student hostels, the kitchen may be restricted but there is constantly a cook who prepares food for people and even laundry clothes at some little fees.

3) Most hostels usually are located closer public transportation. Students usually don’t go long distances untill they are able to catch a public transportation means.
4) Hostel workers should also notify you of the area and all you need to know. This ensures you enjoy exactly what the area provides additionally avoid unnecessary risks.

5) Hostels really need to have clear rules and policies which guide people who stay in the hostels. This gives you the peace of mind that where you want to stay or secure for your child to stay is prospect. These policies should cover safety and security issues and also cleanliness and hygiene.

6) Offers accommodation to students whether or not the public or university hostels are closed. There are times exactly where the university has closed down for whatever reasons and students are sheltered of the hostels, private hostels become a save heaven for students before they as an alternative go home for a few days or just study and wait for the college to open its doors.
There are just might be many benefits to host yourself or child within the hostel, especially privately owned hostels. How do you find student hostels in Kisumu? Student hostels in Kakamega? West Kenya Real Estate is a premier real estate property company that offers property management, real estate development, purchase and sale of land and building and property valuation services but additionally offers nice hostel accommodation in Kisumu and Kakamega. Currently, our hostels are capable of accommodate over two hundred students.

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Hostels in Kisumu: 10 Tips for Finding a Good Hostel

Hostels have attracted very disturbing stories in other areas.Challenges like filthy bathrooms, bedbugs or people sharing too many things are far too common. Fortunately you can find hostels in Kisumu or even hostels in Kakamega which are free of these challenges. If you are looking for a good hostel for yourself or your child, there are a number of tips which should support you pick a good hostel.
Here are some of those tips;
Check out the ratings
For hostels in any location, it’s important to inspect the ratings online to see what some say. You very well may try Good ratings by customers as well as other hostel listing sites. Some customers will go back to these sites and abandon a remark once they have stayed in such houses.
There are sites which offer ratings from any individual to five others offer from one to ten. It’s you to take time and go through several of the ratings and see what to expect from such ratings.
Pick your vibe
Think of your style if you are serching to find a hostel. There are actually hostels with a bar and restaurant. For student hostels, you will never find a bar or restaurant within the hostels’ facility. It’s you to think of a hostel which suits you. If you are a student, the look for students hostels. They will tend to to be cheap yet offers a great deal of services which you ll find are offered by other hostels.
Consistency is key
Look at the consistency of the reviews. Several people are spoilers and they can write a bad review just to drive away customers and not because of the fact that the hostel is in a bad state. It can also be due to a competitor hoping to pick customers away from a good place. So look at what is more consistent, it is a bad review of a very good one?
Occasionally even a good place can get bad scores. If you find one bad review in two other good reviews, then you can ignore the one review.
Look for a clean hostel
A clean hostel will not have the the challenge bedbugs together with other issues. The hostel management must put policies which enable cleanliness of the hostels guaranteed. At no given time should bathrooms be disgusting.
There is a cleanliness policy within the hostels which all students should observe. The management of the hostels should likewise put in place mechanism to ensure the hostels are clean.
Consider your room type
Many hostels are shared room hostels. For college students, shared rooms aren’t such a big issue but for travellers, you need to ensure that if you happen to be going for a hostel booking, it’s not shared by many people.
Many hostels offer either ensuite bathrooms or shared bathrooms. You will also find privacy curtains fitted between beds to offer privacy to students. These go a long way to helping combat any privacy or light issues relevant to having a handful of other roommates.
Gender-specific or mixed dorm
Hostels can be mixed gender or one gender. Ladies only hostels are normally expensive compared to mixed hostels. As you book for your hostels, you need to clearly indicate your preference or insufficient preference. Most girls only hostels are expensive when compared with mixed hostels.
Choose your location wisely
Pick a hostel which isn t located where transport is challenging. The location should also be conducive for studying or silent stay. If the hostels are for the student, they should not going to be too far away from the institution of learning like over a kilometre away.
Consider what facilities you need
Some hostels get more accommodation compared to other people due to the facilities being offered. A hostel requires proper security, stable WIFI, smart TV, spacious living room as well as outdoor space for outdoor resting. These are just some of the facilities which is be found in a hostel.
Many companies or individual may be offering hostels in your region. You need to check and see if they’re a student or common hostels for travellers.
Common area
The common area is where anyone can story tell, watch television or merely relaxing. It should have chairs as well as WIFI connectivity, television and a table. The common area should be enough to accommodate all the occupants considering theof a given facility.
Knowledgeable staff
Employees choose to make any business, and when I find the staff of hostels helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly, I like that place a lot better. A hostel is like a home, and you want the people there to welcome you like a long-lost family member. I never understood why hostels don’t recognize that being a hostel is not about being a cheap place to stay, it’s about creating a warm environment.
If you are looking for hostels in Kisumu or Hostels in Kakamega, then you can visit West Kenya Real Estate hostels page for information on the available hostels, associated services and costs.