Majengo house renovation services: 8 Step renovation process

Today, we are giving out eight renovation process that has helped us as a Majengo house renovation services provider in the past few years. Why is this important?

There are many of us with apartment or houses which for many reasons have not been renovated or repairs for such a long period and need repair. If you are one of those people with properties that need repair, here are some renovation process that we use as a provider of Majengo house renovation services.

1.    Majengo house repair services: Why?

Before a house is renovated, the objective of doing the renovation must be established. Reasons for carrying out renovation may include; restoration of the house to the original state, to attract high paying tenant, to increase the rent or attract more clients. You need to be clear in your mind why you want to conduct a renovation for your house.

2.    Majengo house repair service: Preparation

Having understood the objective of repair, the next phase is preparation. This stage involves financing repair or renovation and also structures. You need to understand what additional structures will come in place as a result of the repair and what the budget for conducting the repair is. You should not start a repair unless you have enough money to carry through with the repair.

3.    Majengo house repair services: Where?

You want to research and see where do you need to renovate and how. Depending on the objective of repair, you will realize that it’s not obvious where to renovate. When you are attracting high paying tenants, you want to renovate even parking area, use expensive tiles, attractive interior design and many other things. Conduct some due diligence on where you need to renovate and how.

4.    Majengo house repair services: What?

Your renovation should add value to your property. If you want to invest in old properties with the view of renovating, you should conduct due diligence to ensure that your intended renovation will really add value to the property. The value is measured in terms of increased rent compared with the original rent the property was attracting before the renovation. Some people compare the rent after renovation with the rent when the property was newly developed.

5.    Majengo house renovation service: Purchase

This stage is only relevant for people seeking to invest in an old property that needs repair. Once you’ve gone through the first four steps or process, it’s time to purchase the property so that you can begin the repair. If you have the property, then skip this process.

6.    Majengo house extension services: Plan and Budget?

In the property market, planning and budgeting go together. Here, you need to think of your target market and the end values. At this stage, you’ve bought the property and so you are about to start the renovation. Think of the rent a similar property would attract in that neighborhood. Don’t overspend in renovation yet the market will not yield to the new rent. For example, there are estates where you will not find someone paying Ksh.30, 000 or more for a two bedroom house.

Plan your renovation in such a way that the rent you would want after the renovation is acceptable in that market area. The plan will ultimately result in a renovation budget.

7.    Majengo house extension service: The renovation process

This is the actual work. Bring in a contractor to carry out the work. Communicate properly your expectation and if possible, capture it in a contract. This will help the contractor to follow through without assumptions. Be available for consultations should there be a need.

8.    Majengo house extension services: Post renovation

Once the renovation is over, you lease the property. Find a property management company to find a tenant, screen, and contract and collect rent as well as be responsible for maintenance and repairs.

West Kenya Real Estate is a property development and management company based in Kisumu with offices in Vihiga and Kakamega. We have years of experience in helping clients identify, negotiate, secure and renovate old buildings anywhere in Kisumu, Mbale, Chavakali, Kakamega, Bungoma and Homabay.

If you need Majengo house renovation services, Luanda house renovation services, Mbale house renovation services, Chavakali house renovation services, Kakamega house renovation services, Bungoma house renovation services orMigori house renovation services, you can reach us today and will be glad to help you out.


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