Property Management in Bungoma: 4 Points why Property Management is not good for your health

Offering property management in Bungoma has given us a very interesting experience. One of the things we have witnessed over and over again is ways in which property management cause health problem to many people. As a property owner, the last thing you would want is for your property to cause your health problems.

Just how is this possible?

1)    Property management agency in Bungoma: Reducing your rental headaches

Do you know how rental units can be troublesome especially where there is enough supply of units and so you need a network to get tenants? If you choose to manage your property alone, you will be expected to go out of your way to attract tenants and if that fails, then it becomes frustrating and source of headaches.

2)    Property management in Bungoma: Handling property viewing and marketing

Do you have time to go online on social media websites to post your property to let, respond to comments, emails and even phone calls? Do you have time to network, reach out to other agents to inform them of your vacancies? Do you have the time to receive calls from people who want to view your vacant unit? You can face enough trouble with people who pop up and want to go view the house as we as marketing efforts which are not coordinated, planned for and even time budgeted.

For these years that we have been offering Property management in Bungoma, we have witnessed many property owners missing out on tenants because of their unavailability to handle all prospecting tenants. We have also seen people struggling to market their properties to prospecting tenants. As a company offering Property management in Bungoma service, we have been forced to offer help to properties who are not on contract with us for them to see that indeed they need a property management company to handle their properties.

3)    Property management Bungoma: Keeping track of rental rates

A property management company is better placed to keep track of rental rates in different locations and will help you price your property well. If you overprice your rental units, you will drive away tenants and if you underprice, you will not have a guarantee of tenants because some will think of something being wrong. You will also take longer to get your return on investment because of the wrong rate.

4)    Property management agency Bungoma: Decreased maintenance and repair costs on the property

This is something many people don’t know but you should as a property owner. The presence of a property management company makes tenants be more diligent and secure the property. A good property management company will inspect the house or apartment once a year to ensure the condition of the house is not bad and should there be a need for repair, the tenant is informed to carry the repair.

As a property management agency in Bungoma, we have managed hundreds of houses for years whose conditions remain impressive because of the control mechanisms we have concerning repairs and maintenance. Not all property management companies in Bungoma offer the kind of services that guarantee reduced repair costs. West Kenya Real Estate is a Property management agency in Bungoma. We develop and manage properties in Bungoma, Luanda, Mbale, Chavakali, Kakamega, Bungoma, Migori and Homabay. If you need property management agency in Bungoma, property management agency in Mbale, property management agency in Chavakali, property management agency in Luanda, property management agency in Kakamega, property management agency in Bungoma, property management agency in Migori or property management agency in Homabay, contact us today.


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