Benefits of investing in agricultural land for sale Kenya

Agriculture in Kenya dominates Kenya’s economy. Approximately 15-17% of Kenya’s total land area has sufficient fertility and rainfall to be farmed. 7-8% of this can be grouped as first class land. Kenya is the leading producer of coffee and tea and also third largest exporter of fresh produce namely cabbages, onions and mangoes. Small farms grow much of the corn and in addition produce potatoes, bananas and peas. Despite all of these produce plus the favorable climatic conditions, about a 1/2 Kenya’s total agricultural output is subsistence production, meaning that it is produced for consumption. This means that the agricultural sector in Kenya is not reaping its maximum potential. This means that serious investors need to get into the agricultural sector and invest in agricultural land for sale Kenya.

Investors in farming and agricultural activities could very well reap benefits that accompany Kenya’s bilateral ties many other nations all over the planet. Some of the most common are reduced taxes in farm products and may be easier policies enabling investors from Kenya to comfortably access other foreign markets. Thus investors are in a position to getting readily available large scale markets for produce.

Agricultural sector happens to be the largest factor in Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2005, Agriculture, including forestry and fishing accounted for about 24% of the GDP also for 18% of wage employment. It further collected half of revenues from exports. Government being aware of the impact of the agricultural sector upon the economy has continued to show necessary support to large scale widespread farmers all around the nation. The government offers reduced prices on se20150226_112602eds and likewise avails ready market for certain commodities like sugar cane, coffee and tea. Investors may take pleasure in these incentives to immensely cut back on the cost of production and in its place maximize profits.

Accessibility of roads is the one other selling point of investing in agricultural land for sale Kenya. Government has done and goes on to do some good job in terms of improvement of infrastructure hence linking roads from the cities to the rural areas. This facilitates an easy and quick transportation of goods and services from one particular area to another. This means that an investor may even import labor from one particular area to another. The ease of transport also makes perfectly sure that fragile goods like eggs don’t undergo unnecessary breakages a result of bad roads. Good infrastructure also means that additional public service vehicles are likely to ply different roots and one can opt for alternative method of transport like train, based on the cost.

Investors hoping to spend money on agricultural land for sale Kenya are guaranteed of cheap and skilled labor. A survey indicates that by 2006, almost 60% of working Kenyans made their living by farming, in comparison with 80% in 1980. That is a clear indication that largest portion of Kenyans are well conversant with farming as a means of life. Unemployment rate in the nation also guarantees an investor of getting cheap and skilled labor.

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