Factors that enhance development Kisumu land for sale

11Kisumu County is amazingly filled with natural resources, land being one out of those. Most lands in Kisumu County are not being gainfully utilized. There are various lands lying fallow in some regions of the County. Furthermore, a number of mud houses are still erected in very prime lands in areas like Manyatta, Nyamasaria, Obunga as well as some places in Migosi. This is wastage of land which might otherwise be bringing in an incredible number of cash. There’s need to convince and resettle owners of such lands to make sure that serious structures can be placed in place of the mud houses which are currently built in such lands. These plus other numerous large tracts of land lying fallow happen to be among the available land plots in Kisumu land for sale.

Investors who have previously pitched tent in Kisumu County have enjoyed working in the region and also in the end, encouraged other investors to come and invest within the lakeside region. These factors make Kisumu land for sale favorable to investors;

Affordable prices- Lands in Kisumu are fairly cheap and affordable. The price values are friendly to investors meaning that investors are in a position to get back a return on their money quickly. It’s simply because lots of the lands are located within the outskirts of the town thereby being fairly cheap.

Suitable for farming- Majority of land in Kisumu region are considered to be very fertile to support agricultural activities. These lands which are suited for agriculture are located in remote areas within Kisumu County and hence come at a fairly more economical price in relation to those in cities. There’s also available marketplace for the majority of these farm produce. Accessibility of these areas makes transportation of farm inputs and products to and from the farm easy and convenient.

Strategic location-Kisumu County is adjacent to Lake Victoria and so has the beach view which happens to be a sight most tourists prefer. For the individuals who prefer an out of town view or feeling, you will find places like Riat located on the hill tops which also offer a good view and ambience. Most Kisumu lands for sale aren’t prone to natural catastrophes like flooding, droughts and very heavy rains, thus a risk-free haven for farming.

Most lands are on a freehold basis- A large number of lands in Kisumu County are on a freehold basis. As soon as you purchase the land you become the absolute owner and you’re not required to pay any extra charges in future like land rates. This is usually appealing to most investors since you can go ahead and do anything on the land as soon as you have purchased it. This is unlike lease hold lands whereby the government can occasionally dictate what you should do on that particular land. The government may even fail to renew the lease in case you have not been doing anything it deems constructive with the land.

Be quick and acquire a piece of plot in Kisumu to partake of these advantages that you get with Kisumu land for sale.

Why you should invest in Riat, Kisumu real estates

Kisumu real estates have always offered and continue to offer lots of opportunities for commercial investments in the entire County of Kisumu. Just recently, I was looking for an area to do some commercial investment. A friend recommended for me Kisumu real estates. I was shown a place known as Riat in Kisumu. It is a place I loved so much just at the first sight.

Riat is a place that one can do a number of commercial investments. First of all, it is an uphill. A place that can take approximately 20 to 25 minutes drive from town, with very quiet and serene environment, away from the noisy vehicles in the town.

Like I mentioned a bit earlier, Kisumu real estates offer several opportunities for investment. For instance, Riat, which also happens to be just opposite the airport, is a place you can do lots of the commercial investments. For instance, being a classy and a posh place, most investors, especially the Asians, love staying there. This is because of its quiet and cool environment. As an investor, you can invest in Kisumu real estate by building posh and high class houses in Riat. This will definitely fetch you hefty amount of money.

Riat is also a place where you can build hostels for accommodation purposes. Being just opposite the Airport, these can help in accommodating those who have just landed into the city. I have come to understand that there are some who fly in, are total strangers and do not know anywhere to start from. Such people can always start living their lives in the hostels as they settle down with time. It is therefore evident that such hostels can always be of help.

Another interesting thing about Riat is that it is a place full of high class people. And one of the things associated with such people is the fact that they are lovers of entertainment. As an investor, having this in mind, you can set up a resort or a club for entertainment purposes. And you can be sure to scoop a lot of cash.

You can also invest in Kisumu real estate by putting up a fitness gymnasium in Riat, bearing in mind the kind of people living in those areas. Being that they are always in their cars driving, you can take advantage of that and put up a fitness centre where they will always have to pay for the services. By this, you again can be sure to fetch some good.

Why you should do commercial investment in land for sale Siaya

Land for sale Siaya is so rich for commercial investments. I was just wondering how all of a sudden this has turned to be so, and so decided to launch a research. In my research I came to realize that Siaya is very potential for commercial investments due to some reasons, some of which I have listed below.

Some of the reasons why you should do commercial investment in land for sale Siaya

  • It is freehold­- a freehold type of land is that which when a buyer buys, he is issued with each and every document which pertains to that particular land, normally the title deed. This is basically for proof of ownership. Land for sale Siaya happens to be advantageous because the moment you buy it, you will not have to pay any additional charges in the name of land rates, as the case is with leasehold, where you’ll be required to pay some rates for a period of 99 years. Another interesting thing about this particular land is that once you finish its payment, it is transferred directly to you, the buyer. To an investor, this is much of an advantage because when you buy it, you expect to put it into business and get more profit out of it, and so it wouldn’t be costly as it would be with the leasehold type of land.
  • There’s tight security– investors are always keen on doing businesses where there’s maximum security. Due to fear of being attacked, they wouldn’t want to jeopardize their businesses by putting them up in insecure places. And that is why there are just certain places where investments are taking place. Land for sale Siaya, is a safe and a secure place to all kinds of businesses. One of the ways through which the county government has always been offering its support, is by tightening security in the region. This therefore makes it possible for you as an investor to do any kind of investment in land for sale Siaya with the assurance of security.
  • There’s good infrastructure– now, we all know that infrastructure is a key component for economic growth. When infrastructure is in good condition, there’ll be easy transportation of goods from a particular point to another. Investors also love investing where there’s good infrastructure for easy and efficient transportation, where goods will not be damaged. Land for Siaya is well linked with other roads so that as an investor, you are not limited by space, but can even expand your operation. One more thing about this land is that it is well linked to Kisumu International Airport, enabling investors to only invest within, but also in the outskirts of the country.

I believe you now have every reason to agree with me that this is the place to invest. With the above reasons, you now can think of whatever commercial investment you’d want to carry out in the land for sale Siaya, with the assurance of thriving


Siaya County is fast emerging as a major economic hub, only coming second to Kisumu County within Nyanza region. This makes Siaya a major destination for any investor looking forward to utilize the numerous opportunities available within the region. Looking to buy land or property in any part of the region? The factors and opportunities listed below will change your mind and convince you to put your investment in Siaya land for sale;

  • Agriculture- Siaya County enjoys favorable climatic conditions that are conducive for agriculture. Despite this, food production has largely remained a rain fed venture resulting in a net deficit in grain supply within the County. A large scale investor who comes in armed with an elaborate plan of irrigation is likely to benefit from the good weather conditions and also the large market that arises from the large population of Siaya County.
  • Fisheries- A survey carried out in 2010 with statistics collected from 69 beaches shows that had a total catch of 9,000 which equates to 836 million shillings. This shows that the fisheries sector has a great potential if well managed.
  • Tourism- Siaya County is blessed with numerous tourist and cultural attractions with Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh water lake prominently featuring as one of the notable geographical features. Any that tourism booms has a great potential in terms of investment. There is the hotel industry which goes hand in hand with tourism and many other avenues of investing like the transport sector. You can invest in the cabs business to transport tourists from one area to another.
  • Infrastructure- The marketability of Siaya land for sale is further enhanced by an elaborate road network system that connects the major towns like Siaya, Bondo, Ugunja, Yala and Ndori. The communication systems are also good.
  • Information Communication Technology- The County government will use ICT as a pillar to propel economic development and enhance service delivery. To implement this program, the County will set up an elaborate IT infrastructure and open up communities through building of e-villages.
  • Natural resources- Siaya County experiences excellent weather conditions for exploring and developing renewable energy ventures like carbon extraction.

These factors and more are some of the reasons why Siaya land for sale is a good place for an investment opportunity. I would highly recommend the area to any investor looking for a place to invest.

Why there’s need for more investment in land for sale Kisumu

When I came across this, I wondered to myself, ‘is there really need for more commercial investment in land for sale Kisumu?’ After some serious thoughts, I came to realize how seriously Kisumu needs more of commercial investments. It is because Kisumu is increasing each and every time. So with that, there also has to be the continuous growth every time.

Outlined below are some of the reasons why there need to be more investments in the land for sale Kisumu.

  • Ever growing population

Population in Kisumu grows from day to day. It grows so fast to the extent that if things are not handled well, then the city would be too small for all. With the ever growing population, there needs to be additional things such as houses, expansion of market places, importation of certain food stuffs and so many other things. However, all these are things that we as residents of Kisumu can manage to bring up. Say for example, a local investor can as well invest in land for sale Kisumu by building houses, expanding market places as well as building other business premises.

  • Kisumu being a city and an urban town

Kisumu is the 3rd largest town in Kenya, hence making it the 3rd city in the country. It is a big city where so many economic activities are carried out. There are companies, financial institutions, learning institutions, hotels, including 5 star hotels and many others. With these, many people have been seen moving from the rural areas coming to the urban area to look for job vacancies. Some of them have succeeded in getting some of the white collar jobs as some have ventured into businesses. Both areas are doing well, however, there are needs for more rental houses, as well as more of the business premises. These, an investor can build in land for sale Kisumu so as to serve the residents.

  • The city being the home of an International Airport

Kisumu also prides in being a home of the International Airport. This in itself has brought to board many investors as the airport enables easy and safe transportation of goods in and out of the city and country at large. The airport ideally acts as a link between Kisumu and other international countries hence will be a good opportunity for investors to do their businesses. Local investors who’ve invested in land for sale Kisumu can also trade in the international levels as they’ll be able to export and import good easily.

You have seen why there needs to be more commercial investments in the land for sale Kisumu.

Why should there be more commercial buildings in land for sale in Kakamega

Kakamega County is one of the Counties rich with resources that if well utilized, can take the entire nation very far. Land for sale Kakamega, to be precise, is today not as it were in the last few years. This is because of the rate at which development is taking place.

What I keep wondering is why there should be more commercial buildings in land for sale in Kakamega.

It beats my imagination that Kakamega is continually growing both in farming and commercial investment. And for that reason, I came up with the following findings as to why more buildings are needed in land for sale in Kakamega.

  • There are lots of investments– there are lots of investments in land for sale in Kakamega. The investments are in terms of farming and commercial investments as well. When it comes to farming, we all know that this is the home of the highly recognized sugar brand known as ‘Mumias sugar’ which is carried out in large scale, as well as other cash crops. In terms of the commercial investments, there need to be more of industries, financial institutions and learning institutions, the mobile money transfer system (Mpesa, Airtel Money and Orange Money), considering that Kakamega is a town, with so many activities going on. Also, there being the Kakamega forest in this very county, an investor can put up a paper processing firm in land for sale in Kakamega, which can translate the trees into papers which can eventually turn out to be one of the county’s top income-earner.
  • The population is very high– Kakamega County’s entire population is over 1 million. With this population, it is evident that there’s need for more rental houses, especially in the urban centers, where people are now shifting to, for the purposes of doing businesses. Apart from putting up the new rental houses, an investor can also renovate the older ones so as to have better and decent houses where people can stay.
  • County government encouraging investment– now, we all know how frustrating it is trying to do a business where there are forces left and right opposing you. This could have been the same case with land for sale in Kakamega if it wouldn’t have been that the county government did not support and encourage investment. One amazing thing is that it encouraged and still encourages both local and international investment, so that the locals do not feel left out. One of the ways through which it does this is by ensuring that security, which is the paramount thing, is guaranteed, for smooth operation of businesses as well as cutting down the cost of the rates paid on the leased properties, so that investors can continue coming in, in large numbers.
  • It is politically stable– Kakamega is a non-volatile area. Due to this, many and many investors have been seen making their way to that region to do businesses. This is also an effort that is made by the county government to ensure that the environment is conducive for business.

Now, with these we are able to see how there’s need for more commercial buildings in land for sale in Kakamega. So as an investor, you have some work to.


Investment in land and property has become a key venture for any investor looking for a serious return on his investment. This comes with a number of challenges whereby some people are duped into buying land in areas in which they are not guaranteed of good returns. It is therefore important to conduct a prior research on any land or property before going ahead to buy it. Below are a number of factors to consider when buying lands in Kenya;

  • Evaluate the location- Location is the major factor affecting price considerations. Lands located near dumpsites or cemeteries usually have lower values compared to other lands. There is also no future appreciation to be expected. On a similar note, lands located in urban areas tend to be more expensive than those in rural areas. One needs to consider the location depending on the purpose for which he/she is buying lands in Kenya. For example land in rural areas are preferable when considering farming while those in urban areas are good when considering construction of a commercial building.
  • Distance from the main road- A land for sale in any place which is accessible to public transport is traditionally more costly. For example the value of land and property along Thika road greatly increased as a result of the construction of the Thika superhighway.
  • Do not work directly with the seller- Though it can be alluringly cheaper, the risk involved in this kind of transaction is extremely high. This is because the seller may give you false documents after the payment. There are also chances of dealing an imposter pretending to be the owner of the land.
  • Availability of communication networks- Good communication networks that is strong telephone and mobile phone signals is an essential component when considering buying lands in Kenya. This is more important for those investors looking to set up business empires. Business cannot be conducted without communication.
  • Electricity- Electricity is the source of power all over the world today. Almost every sector uses electricity for its day to day operations. Whether its agriculture, Information Technology, Communication or even science all require energy to operate. It has become almost impossible to do anything without electricity. Hence the need for availability of electricity around the area one intends to buy land.

Water- Water is another important consideration when buying lands in Kenya. For those buying land for farming, they will need water to irrigate crops. Water is also needed when buying land to construct rental property. The value of a house with piped water is higher than that without piped water. Investors need to consider buying land where it is easier to access water