Chemelil land for sale

This Chemelil land for sale is a prime land recommended for organizations, institution, farming, industrial development, manufacturing companies etc

Features: 250acres in size. 200 meters off tarmac red volcanic soil. Generally flat. Proper tarmac and paved access roads electricity and water. Beautiful landscape.

located just between Miwani and Kibos.

safe due to nearby police station 20 minutes drive from awasi town center. Best bargain price. Status: freehold and direct transfer. Price: Total of 800,000/- Neg.

All documents are readily available on a direct transfer.


Awasi land for sale

Awasi land for sale is very ideal and expansive farmland with tarmac access. Features. 100 Acres of land. Tarmac access. Electricity. Water. Black soil.

Suitable for Hotels/Resorts, agri-business, institutions, organizations, industrial development,SACCO societies etc. This is a PRIME and expansive land set on a gentle slope on Awasi Hills with a stunning view of Rift Valley’s Nandi Hills.

10 minutes from Awasi town.

Developing neighborhood and industries are surrounding this Awasi land for sale.

Beautiful landscape. Price: Kes 500 000/- per Acre. Neg.

Document are clean, ready and available on a direct transfer.

A 10 Acre land in chemelil is available for sale.

A 10 Acre land in chemelil is available for sale.

Situated just a few minutes from the road, the land is clean and available for any major development.

chemelil land for sale is hotcake, considering it’s accessibility to the road.

Currently, there is sugar plantation on the land but anyone who buys it, inherit the sugar plantation.

The land is available for DIRECT TRANSFER.

Bondo land for sale

This Bondo land for sale is entirely fenced acreage of land with barbed wire and nothing can move in or out other than using the main entrance. The parcel also have man made water dam which occupies slightly over 1/4acres.

The property is suitable for building a ranch, resort, institution of higher learning and many more developments.

Kibos plot for sale

Kibos plot for sale located only a few meters from Kibos-Chiga road. ideal for residential and commercial use. 1/2 acres going at ksh 1.8M freehold property. all documents are clean and ready for direct transfer.

Ojola land for sale

Ojola land for sale is approximately 0.05 Ha in size and located exactly opposite Chulaimbo Hospital just immediately along Busia road just slightly past daraja mbili.

land is very prime for commercial and residential purposes.

The land is land has all socio-economic amenities within it’s vicinity.

It’s a freehold land with all documents clean and ready on a direct transfer.

The land is Kes 6.5M for serious buyers with is also slightly negotiable.

Riat land for sale

Riat land for sale is located along kakamega road, slightly past Riat junction near mwembe moja,.

It’s 5 kilometers from the main road and 12 acres in size.

All socio-economic amenities are easily accessible.

The land is hilly with better view of the Kisumu city and the airport.

Each acre goes for kes 5.2M.

The parcel is a free hold property with all document clean and ready for a direct transfer.