Benefits of investing in agricultural land for sale Kenya

Agriculture in Kenya dominates Kenya’s economy. Approximately 15-17% of Kenya’s total land area has sufficient fertility and rainfall to be farmed. 7-8% of this can be grouped as first class land. Kenya is the leading producer of coffee and tea and also third largest exporter of fresh produce namely cabbages, onions and mangoes. Small farms grow much of the corn and in addition produce potatoes, bananas and peas. Despite all of these produce plus the favorable climatic conditions, about a 1/2 Kenya’s total agricultural output is subsistence production, meaning that it is produced for consumption. This means that the agricultural sector in Kenya is not reaping its maximum potential. This means that serious investors need to get into the agricultural sector and invest in agricultural land for sale Kenya.

Investors in farming and agricultural activities could very well reap benefits that accompany Kenya’s bilateral ties many other nations all over the planet. Some of the most common are reduced taxes in farm products and may be easier policies enabling investors from Kenya to comfortably access other foreign markets. Thus investors are in a position to getting readily available large scale markets for produce.

Agricultural sector happens to be the largest factor in Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2005, Agriculture, including forestry and fishing accounted for about 24% of the GDP also for 18% of wage employment. It further collected half of revenues from exports. Government being aware of the impact of the agricultural sector upon the economy has continued to show necessary support to large scale widespread farmers all around the nation. The government offers reduced prices on se20150226_112602eds and likewise avails ready market for certain commodities like sugar cane, coffee and tea. Investors may take pleasure in these incentives to immensely cut back on the cost of production and in its place maximize profits.

Accessibility of roads is the one other selling point of investing in agricultural land for sale Kenya. Government has done and goes on to do some good job in terms of improvement of infrastructure hence linking roads from the cities to the rural areas. This facilitates an easy and quick transportation of goods and services from one particular area to another. This means that an investor may even import labor from one particular area to another. The ease of transport also makes perfectly sure that fragile goods like eggs don’t undergo unnecessary breakages a result of bad roads. Good infrastructure also means that additional public service vehicles are likely to ply different roots and one can opt for alternative method of transport like train, based on the cost.

Investors hoping to spend money on agricultural land for sale Kenya are guaranteed of cheap and skilled labor. A survey indicates that by 2006, almost 60% of working Kenyans made their living by farming, in comparison with 80% in 1980. That is a clear indication that largest portion of Kenyans are well conversant with farming as a means of life. Unemployment rate in the nation also guarantees an investor of getting cheap and skilled labor.

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Tips on how to sell your property faster in Kenya real estates

33Considering the ever rising number of players within the Kenya real estates industry, investors, private developers and individual home owners are finding it harder to sell their property in the already crowded market. This is due to the rise in competition levels that’s owing to many people investing in the real estate sector in Kenya. This thus requires that you package your apartment or property appropriately as well as in a lovely manner that draw clients, and eventually have them choose your property over that of other competitors.

How exactly do you go about this process of beating competitors to their own game? It is very simple. Just follow these steps and you will find yourself on your way to making that big sale.

Engage in a research- The first order of business in preparing for sale of a property is to become accustomed to the on goings in the Kenya real estates sector. Get to know market range prices for similar properties to make sure that you don’t find yourself either over quoting or under quoting your house. Also find out which real estate firm gives best deals in cases of commission they demand which will help you sell the property in question. Get to know the one with a positive deal and go for it. Make sure to offer some incentives to buyers to have an edge over competitors.

Prepare your house- These are things such as repairs you will need to do now and again. Paint your property with suitable and attractive colors. Fix any broken appliances inside the home and also the rooftop if the iron sheets are rusted. Be certain that the house looks presentable before you put it up for sale so as to attract buyers. If it happens to be a house in a compound, ensure you mow the grass and trim trees, just in case there is, for the compound to also look neat and presentable.

Price your premises appropriately- Investigate neighborhood sales for the past say like one year for you to be knowledgeable about the value range of property within that locality. This will actually enable you to quote a price that is neither unreachable nor too low. High prices especially can be a big shut down to buyers and they are more likely to shy off from overpriced properties. The buyers themselves usually do their research before ordering property, thus they too come armed with tips about the niche price range.

Do extensive marketing- This is actually the most useful constituent of selling a house in Kenya real estates. Do extensive marketing in social media, print and not to mention broadcast media, not forgetting word for word marketing. Look for a reputable real estate firm to help you out with this crucial section of selling a property.

Negotiating and shutting the deal- Kenya real estates sector is basically a sector with variety, for this reason, similar offers originate from different people and businesses. You need to therefore be all set to receive offers and counteroffers. You should try to actually be flexible in regards to the pricing but avoid stooping too low as well.

How to market your property in Kenya real estate

54The Kenya real estate sector is an extremely competitive sector which requires a person to be very original and innovative to be able to cope up with the numerous real estate firms in the industry. You’ll have to all of the time a step in the front of the competitor and this requires generating absolute and creative marketing techniques every now and then. You will have to ensure that you hold up to the tastes and preferences of the clients. This requires you to actually go out there and do a comprehensive research on precisely what the clients want as a way to get in contact with your prospective clients.

These tips and insights that I will highlight below will provide you with a hint on how well to remain relevant in the competitive Kenya real estate sector in terms of marketing strategies;

Identify a target market- A target market by definition is basically a group of individuals having a definite want or requirement for your product or service and are also willing to part with their money for the same. Real estate is a very wide field with a number of clients. You have to identify if by chance your target market are the ones searching for a residence, commercial complex or those looking to buy units. After you have found this, you are able to know what to give your clients and at the same time do the work to the most of your capacity.

Segment your market- A market segment is a sub group of persons within your market that share common characteristics that make them identifiable. Segmenting your market helps you as an investor to better know about behavior of your respective clients. For instance do they tend to move to areas out of town or do they like the urban setting? Will they prefer units located near the main road or far from the main road? After you have identified the behaviors of the target clients, you’ll be able to come up with specifically what suits their needs and thus everybody gets what he wants. They get the most suitable properties whilst you laugh to the bank account.

Be unique in what you offer- The Kenya real estate being a competitive sector, it is essential that you set yourself apart by presenting items that will catch the attention of your potential customers as well as one that will actually influence them and motivate them to keep coming back for more. You have to be so much better than most, or if possible, your competitors. Give particular attention to little things like the home design, overall cleanliness of the house or compound; paint the home to make it look more attractive and such like things. With all of these you’ll be able to get more clients and as well retain the in-existence ones.

Engage a wide variety of marketing strategies- Most investors within the Kenya real estate market make the mistake of employing just one marketing strategy and assume that they are well off. You need to inculcate various marketing concepts such as internet marketing, direct, newsletters and many other kinds so that you can generate maximum results.

Role of the Government in Kenya real estate development

The Kenyan economy has, over the past decade experienced a significant growth in most key areas. This has been attributed to a vibrant private sector and the ever increasing appetite of foreign investors in Kenya. The Kenyan government in response to this has invested heavily in infrastructure development. In addition, the government has taken steps to improve the legal and regulatory framework in key sectors of the economy like the real estate Kenya.

The government provides Kenya real estate companies with mortgage financing which enables them to acquire property and pay later in installments. The government intends to continue developing housing finance, as well as to provide the legal framework aimed at promoting further housing development. In the quest to provide affordable shelter for everyone, there are many construction projects which need investment hence the much needed co operation between the government and the real estate sector.

The government6 intends to introduce a framework for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), which is a regulated investment vehicle which enables collective investment in real estate. REITs are meant to increase public participation in the Nairobi Stock Exchange and thereby provide large sums of capital for real estate projects.

Enhancing security levels within the Country is another way through which the government attempts to support the real estate sector. Investors, especially foreign investors tend to pull back when they discover that the area in which they intend to put an investment is insecure. The security, which is the mandate of the government, therefore comes as a boost to the development of Kenya real estate.

There is a government proposal that seeks to put the lending rates by banks at a fixed rate (9%) Which when passed will see accessing loans become much easier. This is intended to encourage more investors to seek loans for real estate development. This is bound to greatly boost the real estate sector because at an interest of 9%, the loan is easier to repay and more people will in turn channel their investments towards the real estate sector.

In Kenya, even foreigners can own land, though on a leasehold tenure. This move by the government is meant to attract very many foreign investors with a high appetite for big time investments into the Country. The influx of foreign investors into the Kenya real estate has greatly boosted the sector and in turn earned the government lots of revenue in tax collection. Some foreign investors eventually settle into the Country permanently and open businesses which provide revenue to the government and provide employment opportunities for majority of citizens, whose salaries also are taxed by the government equating to more revenue.


Kenya real estate is one of the leading sectors driving the country’s economic wheel. This means that the sector is very competitive in terms of employment and a lot is required of an individual apart from the academic credentials. You need to boost your profile by having additional qualities and advantages so as to maintain you A-game and also to stay in the game.

The following are essential components required of a good sales agent;

  • Research skills- The agent’s expertise in his/her market area assists clients in making the right decisions in a real estate transaction. This means knowing the price range of different types of houses as well as their location. An agent should know the sales prices, number of property up for sale as well as those recently sold within his area of operation. This information prevents property buyers from looking at overpriced properties and helps sellers to determine an accurate market value.
  • Computer skills- Modern day Kenya real estate agents rely on technology to complete a sale. This includes setting up automatic email alerts of the latest properties in the market for clients and managing a database in excel and outlook. Agents use scanners to store contracts electronically. Many agents also prefer to receive text messages to communicate about the status of their property listings.
  • Communication skills- A real estate agent needs to communicate effectively with clients. The job requires explaining the property buying process as well as the contracts involved in a real estate transaction. The agent should keep clients informed of what offers have been submitted on a property, or in the case of a buyer, of the status of his offer. The agent must communicate with all the other parties involved in the transaction to complete a sale successfully. This requires one to be proficient in both written and oral communication so as to sound credible to the clients and to avoid distortion of information.

Time management- Time management skills are essential to a real estate agent because most Kenya real estate companies pay agents on a commission basis, meaning that payment is done only when a house, property or land is sold. Therefore spending time on income generating and important activities is essential. Many agents work around their clients’ schedules, which can mean working in the evenings or during weekends. This requires a certain level of discipline with time. It is important as well to set aside time for family and personal activities so that you do not get burned out because of overworking.

Reasons for more housing investment in land for sale Kenya

Kenya is a country with lots of business opportunities. However, I want to look at a particular one, which happens to be raising alarm at a very high rate.

This is none other than the housing investments.

I have realized that there’s need for more houses in Kenya. This is because of a number of factors which I have listed below.

  • Population increase

Kenya has a population of over 45 million people, all of whom need to be sheltered. Some live in the rural areas as some live in the urban centers. Whichever the location, there’s need for more accommodation facilities. Building decent rental houses in land for sale Kenya at affordable prices is an opportunity that if an investor takes advantage of, can fetch him some good money. In fact, some investors are even coming all the way from their countries to not only do business but also to settle, hence need for more houses.

Still talking about houses, an investor can also decide to demolish the houses in the informal settlements and build more adorable and affordable houses which can be rented by any class of persons.

  • Business opportunities increasing

Being a country with lots of economic activities, there’re high chances of business growth as well, which in fact is very evident. This leads to many people venturing into businesses. An investor can build spacious and decent structures in land for sale Kenya which business people can use as business premises.

  • Learning institutions increasing

Kenya is a country that highly esteems education in all levels. It has a good number of universities, several middle level colleges, several national, county and district schools as well as kindergartens. All these require learning spaces. With the universities and colleges, there is the need for many more accommodation facilities. An investor can set up buildings in land for sale Kenya which these colleges and universities can rent and fetch him some good money out of it. As it is, there’s the increase of these learning institutions each and every day.


  • The buildings can as well be used as industries

This country also esteems economic development. As a result of such, there are several industries in it. There are also some places that used to have particular industries but collapsed. An example is Kisumu, which used to have a well performing textile industry known as KICOMI (Kisumu Cotton Mills), which collapsed as a result of the introduction of the second hand clothes, commonly known as Mitumba, which as at now, the county government of Kisumu is working on how to resuscitate such industries.  As an investor, you can also set up buildings in land for sale Kenya so as to be rented by individual who are planning to start up industries and companies.

Chemelil land for sale

This Chemelil land for sale is a prime land recommended for organizations, institution, farming, industrial development, manufacturing companies etc

Features: 250acres in size. 200 meters off tarmac red volcanic soil. Generally flat. Proper tarmac and paved access roads electricity and water. Beautiful landscape.

located just between Miwani and Kibos.

safe due to nearby police station 20 minutes drive from awasi town center. Best bargain price. Status: freehold and direct transfer. Price: Total of 800,000/- Neg.

All documents are readily available on a direct transfer.